ZAKA EMERGENCY FUND: Give Kavod Hameis To Jewish Terror Victims

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UPDATE 27/4: This week there were 2 frightening terror attacks in Israel. On Monday, a terrorist disguised as a frum Jew rammed his car into pedestrians near Machaneh Yehuda Shuk, injuring 8, one in critical condition. On Tuesday, a terrorist shot at a passerby from his moving car on route 60 near Yishuv Ofra, injuring one.

ZAKA responded to the scene of the attacks and was on hand to provide emergency medical assistance. Boruch Hashem, there were no losses of life – this time. ZAKA needs your help to save lives and give kavod hameis for the victims of terror attacks that just keep coming.

On Friday, April 7, the lives of two young Jewish sisters were snuffed out in a cruel terror attack. Later that night, 7 people were killed in a ramming attack in Tel Aviv. ZAKA was called to the scene of the terror attacks, and performed their holy work in bringing the victims to proper halachic burial.

Since the start of 2023, 18 Israelis have been killed in senseless terror attacks. What does the rest of the year hold in store for Eretz Yisroel, r”l?

During times of terror and unknown, ZAKA’s services are even more critical than ever. Funds are badly needed so that our volunteers can continue to save lives and perform chesed shel emes at a moment’s notice. ZAKA is ramping up preparation and stockpiling supplies to be prepared for whatever may be.

THIS IS HOW TO SHOW OUR SUPPORT FOR OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN ERETZ YISROEL! Please donate $360 here to enable ZAKA to save those who can be saved and to give respect to those who cannot.

On behalf of the ZAKA volunteers and those we serve, we thank you.


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Goal $30,000
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Founded in 1995, ZAKA is Israel’s dominant non-governmental rescue and recovery organization, with over 3,000 volunteers deployed around the country, on call 24/7 to respond to any terror attack, disaster or accident immediately, professionally and with the necessary equipment. ZAKA's objective is to provide emergency assistance to survivors and to properly honor the dead by bringing them to full halachic burial.

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