NEVE YAAKOV MASSACRE: 7 Men, Women & Children Killed In Senseless Terror Attack. Please Help Zaka Honor The Kedoshim.

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As Jews all over Eretz Yisroel wrapped up their Friday night prayers this past week, a tragic act of terror ripped through the city of Neve Yaakov when a terrorist opened fire, shooting innocent men, women and children as they exited shul. Among the victims are 14 year old Asher Natan, 56-year-old father-of-3 Rafoel Ben-Eliyahu, and Eli and Natali Mizrachi, a couple who were only married for two years.

Zaka volunteers who rushed to the scene moments later describe a horrific scene they will never forget, with the elderly and the young lying lifeless on the street with serious injuries.

We are just beginning to wrap our minds around this terrible heartbreaking tragedy. Many of the wounded are now fighting for their lives.

ZAKA asks that donors give $500 to help ZAKA ensure victims of terror receive proper halachic burial. Please join us in showing your support for the families of the victims who were torn apart by this tragedy and potential subsequent tragedies.

Klal Yisroel should never know such tragedy again!

GOAL: $100000

Raised $2,065
Goal $100,000
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Founded in 1995, ZAKA is Israel’s dominant non-governmental rescue and recovery organization, with over 3,000 volunteers deployed around the country, on call 24/7 to respond to any terror attack, disaster or accident immediately, professionally and with the necessary equipment. ZAKA's objective is to provide emergency assistance to survivors and to properly honor the dead by bringing them to full halachic burial.

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