IF THEY’RE ASKING, THEY MUST BE DESPERATE! Help R’ Zilberman bring hope to these orphans and soldiers!

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Did you know that some Jews in Israel don’t even know Shema? Many of us don’t realize the extent of our Jewish brothers and sisters’ ignorance of Yiddishkeit.

Since Simchas Torah, a beautiful change has occurred and there has been a reawakening of the Jewish Neshomo. Many young Israelis in the army are searching for mitzvos to take on.

R’ Yanky Zilberman, a Rav in E”Y with a large following, has been circulating army bases with close to 100 volunteers. He’s bringing Rabbanim and giving out Tzitis, siddurim, and good food to give these thirsty Jewish souls their first taste of Yiddishkeit.

Thousand of soldiers on bases across the country are requesting his visits, but he’s in danger of stopping because he lacks the funds to carry on.

If these soldiers are asking for Yiddishkeit, how can we say no? We need to act now before their inspiration fades. Donate here to get the Zechus of helping Jews embrace Mitzvos.

GOAL: $150,000

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Goal $150,000
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