Shabbos is our fuel for the week, Help me give our soldiers an injection of the power of Shabbos!

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Hello, this is R’ Yanky Zilberman here,

I want to tell you about part of my work that I’ve never shared with you before.

Besides going to army bases during the week, I also spend Shabbosos there. Together with my volunteers, we spent Thursday night until Motza Shabbos with 600 soldiers, bringing food and Divrei Chizuk to give the battle-weary soldiers an injection of the power of Shabbos.

It’s a huge amount of work, but the soldiers need it more than you realize. Without a Shabbos to fuel them, the soldiers will have significantly less strength during the week.

The army has asked for more of these events, which says a lot about its success, but I’m on the verge of stopping my work because I can’t fund the huge expenses.

We can’t let our brothers in the army go without Shabbos! I’m begging you to help to share the strength of Shabbos with the soldiers so that we can together strengthen our soldiers and protect Israel.


Have a beautiful Shabbos,

R’ Yanky Zilberman

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