SUPPLIES ARE DANGEROUSLY LOW: Help ZAKA360 Identify Jewish Bodies So Their Families Can Mourn

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‘My daughter fled on October 7, and I have no idea what happened next. The agony of not knowing is indescribable. It hurts me so much that her body is probably lying somewhere unburied, and I’m waiting desperately for her body to be identified so I can finally start the mourning process and have the comfort of visiting her grave.’

For nearly 2 months, the team of ZAKA 360 were in some of the most gruesome sites in the South, collecting bodies and doing the mitzvah of kavod hameis.

But now that they’ve collected the bodies, their work isn’t over yet. ZAKA360’s current mission is to help identify corpses and body parts. It is some of the most painfully gruesome work there is, but it’s what the families of the murdered are desperately waiting for.

The massacre wiped out ZAKA’s supplies and now they are lacking essentials needed to do this mitzvah. Please help the team to identify Jewish bodies, so that their families can move forward and mourn!

Tizku l’mitzvot!

GOAL: $200,000

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Goal $200,000
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Rescue Unit Zaka 360 is a unit of ZAKA, doing the mitzvah of "Kavod HaMeis," collecting and burying Jewish bodies with dignity. They run toward danger in the case of terror attacks, war, and other tragedies. Right now, ZAKA 360's teams are working on special operations together with the military to retrieve body parts from the October 7th massacre.

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