My Father Just Passed Away, Leaving Behind 11 Children. We Have Nothing. Please Help Us Make Pesach

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My name is Bentzi. I’m 17 years old. Two weeks ago, my father passed away. He left behind 11 children.

Since then has been like a dream. Or maybe I should say a nightmare. I try to be strong, but I can’t stop crying My mother is crushed under the weight of having to raise the family all by herself. Our father had tremendous debts, which now fall on her shoulders.

Without Abba’s job, we don’t have money to live. The weather is changing to summer, but there is no money for the kids to get new clothes. The fridge is empty, and there is nothing for groceries. Soon, the lights will be shut off, unless we find some help.

During this time, we’ve been leaning on Achisamach.

Volunteers from Achisamach brought us meals for Shabbat, when we had nothing to buy food with. If this campaign is successful, they will help us with Pesach too.

Pesach without Abba is going to hurt. As the oldest, I will need to step up to lead the seder. I will do my best to make him proud.

Without help from Achisamach, we won’t be able to buy Pesach groceries. There are 40 other families with similar stories to ours who also desperately need help.

Please, if you are blessed enough to have what you need for the upcoming holiday, donate to help. We have nothing.

Thank you

Bentzi Schaeffer*

*Details have been changed to protect the family’s privacy. Each of the 40 families has a story of illness or loss.

GOAL: $60,000

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Goal $60,000
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