War fatigue is real! Help us keep our soldiers going with more Ahavat Chinam events!

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Our heroic soldiers are seeing friends dying every day, but they keep on going.

That’s why Singer Shuki Salomon of the organization Ahavat Chinam has made it his mission to be there for the soldiers and show that religious, and irreligious, were all in this together.

He’s been going with volunteers to army bases every day with fun concerts, and fully-loaded BBQs because when they’ve just come back from Gaza, they don’t deserve canned chickpeas. It’s gratifying to see it on the soldiers’ faces, how the hot food and good vibes give them strength to keep going.

We’re 3 months in and war fatigue is real. We need these events even more now, to keep the soldiers’ morale up despite the horrors they’re going through day after day. Stopping these events risks weakening our army and putting Israel in danger.

Each such evening costs between 20,000 and 50,000 NIS, for food, speaker system, and transportation, and we need your help to keep these activities going.

Show that your heart is with our soldiers – donate here to keep these events going!

GOAL: $100,000

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Goal $100,000
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Ahavat Chinam
Ahavat Chinam was founded 4 years ago, by the Israeli musician Shuki Salomon to promote Ahavat Chinam in Israeli society.

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