Please Support Us During This Challenging Time: Miriam Chana is 1 Year Old Fighting For Her Life

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Hello, my name is Sara Bar. I live in Jerusalem with my husband Yona and our beautiful baby girl, Miriam Chana.

Miriam Chana is the most delicious, sweet baby… but she was never easy. From the time she was born, she was always crying. We thought we just had a normal “fussy baby.” We had no idea she was in pain. Then, I felt a lump in her belly.

Recently, doctors found four cancerous tumors on Miriam Chana’s kidneys. We immediately started chemotherapy at Hadassah Ein Kerem, but it had no effect on the growth. I can’t describe to you what it is like to hold your baby suffering through chemo in your arms. I pray you never have to experience that.

Because the chemo did not work, the doctors told us to fly urgently to America, so Miriam Chana can undergo through life saving surgery and receive treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan. Two weeks ago, I left my life behind to save Miriam Chana’s life.

We are in America now. Miriam Chana has been connected to a port, and she suddenly lost consciousness. They have inserted a breathing tube, and she is in now in the ICU.

Me and my husband came to New York in order to do everything to save our little girl. This challenging journey has a lot of expences, we left our life behind and our jobs as well. We are begging you to help us with whatever you can.

Please think of our little girl’s future. Think of her childhood, her siddur party, her bas mitzvah, her wedding one day… She has her entire life ahead of her. She is tiny, weak, and suffering. Please, daven for our little girl Miriam Chana bat Sara that she should have a full recovery and always be “oved Hashem b’simcha”.

We beg you please give what you can to support us in this period of time.

Blessing you that in the merit of your help and prayers, your children will always be healthy and happy.

Sara Bar

GOAL: $250,000

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Goal $250,000
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