7 Young Children…Being Raised By a 13 Year Old??? Please Open Your Hearts And Help This Family!!!

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This a very tragic and sensitive case. 8 young children are going through things no child should ever experience.

5 years ago, a young father died suddenly leaving 8 young children behind. Tragically, since their father’s death, the widow has become reclusive. She hardly speaks, stays in bed all day, and leaves the responsibilities of the house to her oldest child – a young, now 13-year-old girl.

Understandably, this is way too much for the young girl to bear. She devotes herself to her siblings one hundred percent, tending to them when they cry, bathing them, and putting them to sleep. However, she admitted to me that they don’t have everything they need. The house barely functions.

I’ve helped them out before, but I never realized the extent of their poverty and hardship. For the safety and wellbeing of the family, they can’t continue like this anymore.

There is immense poverty in the home. A large amount of funds are needed to save the family, allowing them to have food and clothing, and hire cleaners and babysitters to take the weight off the young girl’s shoulders.

Please please give what you can – the young children are experiencing immense trauma, and have no one else in the world to rely on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Asher Berg

GOAL: $50,000

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Goal $50,000
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