BLAU FAMILY EMERGENCY FUND: Single Mom Raising 8 Kids With No Child Support

Fund ID: 1310

Hi! I’m Mrs. Blau and I’m a single mom to eight kids k’’h in Israel.

I don’t receive any child support and I have to work very hard to keep my children fed. My daughters have faced the heartbreak and humiliation of being pulled out of school because I couldn’t pay tuition. And now my son’s Yeshivas are sending letters threatening to do the same.

I am fighting with every fiber of my being to provide food for my kids, cover utility bills, and pay for their clothing and shoes but I’m just one person. I am crying out to you for help. Please, help me take care of my kids, and Hashem should bless you and your families with health, happiness and parnossah!

Thank you so much for caring ❤❤❤

Mrs. Blau

GOAL: $70,000

Raised $22,160
Goal $70,000
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