Pesach Is Now Behind Us, But Their Struggles Are Far From Over: Families Coping With Cancer And Loss Who Relied On Bsiyata To Make Pesach This Year Need Our Continued Support!!!! $1.5k

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“Hi, my name is Yaffa, and I’m the eldest in a family of 7. I’m exhausted. I just put all the kids to bed and turned the kitchen back over to chometz. Despite my mother being in the hospital for chemotherapy, I managed to do it all on my own.

The only thing that kept me going this Pesach was Bsiyata: Our family, along with over 60 others, including cancer patients and bereaved families, received Bsiyata’s support to afford food for Yom Tov via its annual distribution of Pesach grocery vouchers. They literally saved us this Yom Tov!”

Thanks to your generosity, over 60 families coping with cancer and bereavement in Israel were able to observe Pesach with the dignity and joy that every family deserves.

But as we put away our Pesach dishes and life goes back to normal, for these families, life can’t go back to normal. How will they restock their fridge with chometz items for the following month?

Please make a small donation here to help these families, and Hashem should bless you and yours with safety and only good! Thank you!!!


GOAL: $33,300

Raised $1,645
Goal $33,300
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