PIKUACH NEFESH: My Wife Has Been Battling Cancer For 7 Years, And I Was Just Diagnosed As Well. Please, Open Your Hearts & Save Our Family!

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Klal Yisroel,

I turn to you under profound distress.

My name is Avi Weinstein*. My tzadekes wife Blumy has been battling myeloma cancer for seven years. Her treatments have been very costly, and obviously I would do anything to save my amazing wife- So much so that after years of her expensive treatments, I was forced to declare bankruptcy. But now, my heart feels like it’s being ripped apart- I myself was just diagnosed with cancer as well. Metastatic colon cancer.

We are in shock. After all Blumy has endured, she relies my support, physically, emotionally, financially…But how can I give it, when I myself am hospitalized? Please, we are a family writing to you after seven years of surviving endless pain, literally begging on our knees for you to open your hearts and help us save my wife’s life, and my own life, for the sake of the future together we have fought so hard together for.

Hashem should repay you with life-long health, siyatta dishmaya, and only beautiful brachos. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart,

Avi Weinstein

*A note from Darchei Miriam: To ensure confidentiality and respect the privacy of those involved, names have been changed.

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Goal $50,000
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ICSN works in partnership with the service provider, Darchei Miriam, and forms the American Friends of Darchei Miriam. ICSN is a warm community of cancer support throughout Israel. A network of dedicated volunteers and professionals stand with families to ease the burden of cancer treatment.

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