My children lost their father. Now, they might lose their mother.

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UPDATE 07/04: The days are tough, and the nights are tougher. As cancer battles my body and I fight to stay for my 11 kids, their world is shrouded in uncertainty. Please, the money that we’ve raised so far is a big help but anyone raising a large family knows that the expenses never end. Please help us survive this!

I’m Chana Herman.

Just 7 months ago, I sat shivah with my 11 children for my husband, Chaim.
Chaim a”h was in a terrible car accident, leaving me a young widow and 11 orphans.
My children are traumatized by the sudden loss, and my little ones keep asking for Abba. They simply don’t understand the reality.

I thought it couldn’t get worse.
But it did.

2 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with cancer.
My family is in shock yet again. The protocol is intense, and the chemo is agressive. It leaves me without any strength to care for my 11 innocent children who have gone through so much in the past few months. They need a functional home in order to feel normal again, but even that, I cannot provide.

I beg of you, please help my family survive this.
Your donation will help my children have supper for one more night, have a clean house to live in, and fund life-saving treatment so my children do not become orphans twice.

With much gratitude,
Chana Herman

GOAL: $55,000

Raised $9,402
Goal $55,000
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ICSN works in partnership with the service provider, Darchei Miriam, and forms the American Friends of Darchei Miriam. ICSN is a warm community of cancer support throughout Israel. A network of dedicated volunteers and professionals stand with families to ease the burden of cancer treatment.

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