My Husband Is Gone. I Am Sick In The Hospital And Don’t Know How I Will Pay For Our Daughter’s Wedding.

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My name is Rivka. I am proud to say that I am a mother of 6 incredible kids. We were always a very happy, close, and well-adjusted family. But everything changed when my husband came home with the terrible news– He was sick.

The doctors said he had a chance of surviving, but just a few months later, he passed away. It was really hard on me and my kids. I had to put on a brave front and be strong for my family.

It’s been over 3 years since he’s been gone. He left an aching hole in our lives. Our finances have taken a major hit as well. Debt piled up because I struggled to pay for rent without Shmuli’s income and we sank into debt.

Boruch Hashem, my daughter Esti recently got engaged. Her wedding is scheduled for a months from now. Some people tell me it’s impossible but I believe Hashem will help us figure this out. My daughter doesn’t have a father anymore, but she deserves to be happy. I’ve done everything I can so far. Maybe you, reading this right now, are the sholiach that Hashem sent to help us.

And if you are the one who does help, Hashem should repay you with only simchas. We cannot thank you enough for what you’ve given to our family.


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Goal $40,000
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