I’m a mother of 5, and I can’t meet kids basic needs after my husband contracted skin disease. With no food at home, we need your help! [Haskama by HaRav Scharfer of Tel Hashomer]

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Hello, I’m Mrs Fried.

Writing this pains me, because it shows me how far my family has gone.

My story is tragic and people who hear it shake their head wondering how anyone manages to go through so much, but the honest answer is, we don’t manage.

I’m a mother of 5, and I’m not able to meet my children’s basic needs. My husband has an excruciatingly painful skin disease that’s left him completely unable to function or work. That leaves the entire burden of caring for my family’s emotional and financial needs on me.

My salary is insufficient for rent, electricity, and basic expenses. We’ve reached a point of not having enough food at home. Without a functioning father, my home is a shell of its former self.

Life became a living nightmare, but we have one way out. A substantial sum could help us get back onto our feet. It could pay for my husband’s treatment to heal him. It could give us food and heating until my husband can provide for us again.

We’ve hit rock bottom, and we can only get up with your help. Please could I ask you to give what you can, every donation goes a lot further than you think.

Thank you for reading my letter,

Mrs. Fried

Below is the Haskama from HaRav Sharfer of Tel Hashomer, who is involved in helping the family.

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