AN EVENING OF APPRECIATION FOR OUR RETURNING SOLDIERS: Join Shomrei Yisrael In Giving 500 Chayalim A Modern-Day Hero’s Welcome Home From Gaza

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This Wednesday, 500 soldiers are finally returning home.

After months of fighting in the battlefields of Gaza…After courageously shielding us on the harrowing front lines…After putting their young lives at risk in to protect our people like you and me…

We are planning an epic gala evening of gratitude.

These brave men have lost their friends and brothers in battle. They’ve faced the devil Hamas in the face to protect the innocent. THIS is how to show them Hakarat Hatov. THIS is your chance to thank our young warriors for fighting our enemy for us, for protecting us.

We are organizing a grand event for these young men filled with uplifting musical entertainment, inspiration, and amazing gourmet food. Please donate $180 to help us cover costs and give our brave men what they have rightfully earned:

A hero’s welcome home.

Thank you and may we see peace very soon,

Shomrei Yisrael

GOAL: $60,000

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Goal $60,000
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Orginization Shomrei Yisrael helps with civil protection for the residents of Israel

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