SAVING KLAL YISROEL IN UKRAINE: Men, Women, And Children Are Starving And Terrified. They Need Your Help NOW!

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A baby cries, huddled in a shelter, as her mother tries in a crazed daze to shush him back to sleep. She sings a low familiar hum of hamalach hagoel, soothing her baby as air raid sirens wail in the background. There is no electricity. She is running low on formula. Food and water are scarce. She kisses him and holds him tight, a tear escaping down her face.

Her cheeks are gaunt. She hasn’t eaten in three days.

This isn’t a movie.

This is the Gehinnom that the Jews in Ukraine are currently trapped in.

Klal Yisroel,

Imagine being trapped in a place where the threat of violence is constant.

With over 110,000 Jews unable to leave Ukraine, the frum community is facing a dangerous crisis unlike any other. There is a severe shortage of food, clothing, baby food, and medical equipment. The constant chaos, blackouts and fear only exacerbate the suffering of these vulnerable communities, acheinu bnei yisroel.

Men, women, children, and elderly are relying on you for help. The situation is dangerous. The time to act is now.

This is urgent pikuach nefesh. Donate $350 here to help save them NOW.

The Yidden of Ukraine are crying out for help.

The clock is ticking.

Please, don’t turn them away.


GOAL: $35,000

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Goal $35,000
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