Saad V’marpeh’s Critical Rescue Mission: Emergency Transport for Our Wounded Soldiers

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In times of conflict, the true heroes are those who rush to the frontlines to save lives. Saad V’Marpe, under Rabbi Moti Fried’s guidance in E’’Y, has been helping the Klal for 25 years.

But right now, our current mission is heart-poundingly critical: Ensuring that every wounded soldier is swiftly transported from the battlefield to the hospital.

These brave men and women risk everything for our nation’s safety, and it’s our duty to ensure they get immediate medical attention when they need it most.

The situation is dire, and our resources are being rapidly depleted. We are calling on you to help us keep this vital lifeline going. We cannot underemphasize: Your donation today can save a soldier’s life tomorrow.

Please donate $360 now: Seconds count.

GOAL: $50,000

Raised $7,172
Goal $50,000
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Saad V'Marpeh - Bikur V'Ezras Cholim was founded over 25 years ago by R' Moti Fried with the goal of being available 24/7 to help the sick of Eretz Yisroel with whatever they need: medical advice, transportation to treatment, equipment, Shabbos clinic, blood bank and a special children's division.

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