My Wife And I Are Fighting Cancer Side By Side & We Are On The Verge Of Falling Apart.. Please Help Our Family During This Frightening Time.

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My name is Yosef.

A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Since then I’ve had many difficult surgeries. My amazing wife was taking care of me, but recently, she was diagnosed with cancer as well. Her case is more brutal than mine and the cancer has metastasized to her bones.

We have six beautiful children and we are just collapsing financially. We used to be a normal family, with two incomes. Now, we have nothing, nothing but each other. I am turning to my beloved Am Yisroel: There is no one to take care of the children, to cook food or to do the endless piles of laundrey that are waiting to be washed. Please help our family survive during this frightening time. We are on the verge of falling apart and we are desperate for your support.

There should only be besuros tovos for all of Am Yisroel. Thank you for saving my family,

Yosef Itzer


GOAL: $50,000

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Goal $50,000
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