After The October 7th Massacre, My Life Fell Apart. Please Help A ZAKA Volunteer Rebuild

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Hello, my name is Natan Kenig. Baruch Hashem, I have had the zechus to be a ZAKA volunteer for more than 20 years.

In those years, I have seen many tragedies. Nothing compares to the destruction I witnessed when I drove down to the South the night of October 7th.

For 40 days, my fellow volunteers and I used every minute of daylight we had to clear Jewish bodies, so that they could be identified and given a Jewish burial.

The things we saw there were beyond comprehension: Men, women, children, babies, and the elderly, in all states of disfigurement. Blood and organs splattered across bedrooms. We used machinery to pull apart burned cars, filled with the ashes of those who perished inside.

It was painful, but I was determined to not look away. I brought my camera and I documented the truth of what happened that day. My footage brought journalists to tears.

When I returned, I was a changed man. The trauma took over my life. I struggled to function. My family became overwhelmed by debts and my four children and I were kicked out of our home.

They called me a “hero,” but I was homeless.

Please, it is deeply humbling to ask for help, but for my family, I must. I need your help to provide them with a safe home, to repay my debts, and to move forward with my life.
Thank you.

With a heavy heart, but hope for the future

Natan Kenig

GOAL: $150,000

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Goal $150,000
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