Thousands of Children Have Been Displaced By The War. Please, Think Of The Kids! [LETTER FROM RAV BINYAMIN FINKEL SHLIT”A]

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Right now, thousands of children have been ripped out of their homes and placed somewhere completely new. It is hard to imagine what many of these children have been through. Many listened or watched as others were murdered. Now they are in a new, empty apartment, and they are grieving. There are no clothes to wear, no toys to play with, because they ran for their lives with nothing.

Each night brings the nightmares, remembering the day they ran. Every day brings the hunger, because their parents don’t have jobs in their new city. They always lived simply, but this is worse.

Please, help the displaced children of Israel. Funds raised here go toward clothing, toys, games, grocery bills, shoes, and more essentials.

Personal request from Rav Binyamin Finkel shlit”a [HEBREW BELOW]:

“To our brother, Am Yisroel, wherever they may be found:
Eis Tzarah Hi Leyaakov! Thousands of Yidden who live in the South are suffering terribly! They have been forced to leave their homes behind together with their families.

The cries of hundreds of young boys and girls who were taken out of their familiar surroundings and schools so suddenly are piercing. They are in need of special support for their financial needs, for survival, for schooling, for food and clothes.

Please answer our request Acheinu Bnei Yisroel and save the children who are experiencing a terrible galus and give generous donations of $260, or however much you are able to give.

With G-d’s help the prayers of the young children will be fulfilled like the pasuk says, “From the mouths of babes you found strength for your People, to remove the enemy and take revenge.”
We should soon merit to be saved with an eternal salvation, and G-d should fulfill all your wishes for the good.

Rav Binyomin Finkel shlita”

Donations can also be made to Vaad Harabanim Fund # 6187 by phone at 1877-722-2646 or by mailing a check to Vaad Harabanim 221 Regent Drive Lakewood, NJ 08701

GOAL: $100,000

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Founded in 1992 under the leadership of Harav Hagaon Shlomo Zalmen Auerbach zt”l and Harav Hagaon Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zt”l, Vaad Harabanim L'Inyanei Tzedaka B'Eretz Hakodesh based on the following principles: Firstly, Klal Yisrael needs a reliable address for sending their tzedakah money. They should know that all their donations, down to the last cent, are managed faithfully and strictly according to Halachah. No less important is the second principle, that the needy must have somewhere to turn when a crisis strikes. Over three decades later, Vaad Harabanim continues to function with the guidance of the Gedolei Hador and in accordance with its founding principles.

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