IF SHE SUCCUMBS TO CANCER IT’LL BE FROM LACK OF FUNDS: Give what you can to sponsor a life-saving treatment!

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When we at Darkai miriam see yet another patient whose life depends on an unaffordable treatment, it breaks our heart all over again. Because if they succumb to cancer, it’s not because there was no treatment, but because there was no money.

Sara* is like that.

Her cancer treatments aren’t working, and the doctors recommended a new treatment, but it’s not covered by health insurance. She needs 6 treatments, at $3,200 each, ASAP before cancer overtakes her body.

She’s a single woman who lives alone, with no family or husband to rely on, and she’s a war refugee too, after fleeing from her life from her home in south Israel. There’s no way she can do it alone.

We’ve raised money before for patients and with your help we’ll do it again. Every donation counts – without your help, she may just succumb to cancer.

Don’t let money stand in the way of life! Donate here to sponsor a part of Sara’s* life saving treatment.

*To protect her privacy, her name has been changed and the picture has been used for illustrative purposes only.

GOAL: $150,000

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Goal $150,000
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ICSN works in partnership with the service provider, Darchei Miriam, and forms the American Friends of Darchei Miriam. ICSN is a warm community of cancer support throughout Israel. A network of dedicated volunteers and professionals stand with families to ease the burden of cancer treatment.

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