The power of Mishnayos is HUGE. Get the double Zechus of Mishnayos for yourself and an October 7 victim.

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“My workmate R’ Yosef had two children stuck in Shiduchim, and I inspired him to start learning Mishnayos as a Zechus. He told me that Harav Gross told him, “It says in the holy Sefarim, that it’s helpful for everything and one can’t imagine what a huge Segulah this is.”

A few months later he came into my office and said, “I owe you my life! I got everything I asked for I got straight away since I started learning! Both my children are now married! Shame that I didn’t ask for a million dollars too.” So I told him to start learning for that too!”

The power of Mishnayos is real.

That’s why Daf Mishnayos Association has arranged for thousands of Bochurim around Israel to learn in the Zechus of those who were tragically killed on Simchas Torah.

Daf Mishnayos is asking the public to sponsor those who are learning. By sponsoring a learner you get a double Zechus:

  1. Giving a Neshoma an Aliyah
  2. Getting the Zechus of Mishnayos for yourself

Before you click, remember: the power of Mishnayos is huge. Think about something you want – A good job? A shidduch to happen soon? Children? Nachas? – and ask for it.

Click here to generate enormous Zechusim for an October 7 victim and yourself.

And please, let us know your stories! We’d love to hear.

GOAL: $25,000

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Goal $25,000
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Founded by Rabbi Shmuel Halperin shlita, the goal of Daf Yomi Mishnayos is to promote the learning of Shas Mishnayos. With over 10,000 avreichim currently learning Shas Mishnayos in over 125 countries worldwide - Daf Yomi Mishnayos is one of the largest groups learning Mishnayos daily across the Jewish World.

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