The Neshamos Of Over 200 Israeli Soldiers Need An Aliyah. Sponsor A Learner To Help Them In The Next World

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Israel is at war, and over 200 soldiers have lost their lives in the battle for the existence of the Jewish State. It is more than the heart can bear.

But we must not feel powerless. Together, there are things that we can do to help those who have passed.

The talmidim of Mishnayos Daf Yomi are uniting to learn Shas Mishnayos every day, l’ilui nishmas the fallen. In one year, they will complete the entire Shas Mishnayos. They receive the name of a person who has passed and with utter concentration, they devote this mitzvah to their merit.

With each daf that is learned, more zechuyos are given to our holy fallen soldiers in the world to come. They may not be here to thank us, but in the World To Come, they are rejoicing.

The benefit of the learning program is not only for them, but for the giver as well.

“It says in the holy sefarim, that it is helpful for everything and one can’t imagine what a huge segulah this is.” Rav Gross shlit”a, on learning Shas Mishnayos. Since Mishnayos HaDaf HaYomi was started, countless people have seen unbelievable yeshuos.

If you or a loved one are suffering and need a yeshua, this is your opportunity to do something good for yourself, and good for klal yisroel.

YOU can have an effect on the neshama of a fallen soldier. Their story is not yet over. They fought for you, and now is your chance to give back.

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Goal $300,000
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Founded by Rabbi Shmuel Halperin shlita, the goal of Daf Yomi Mishnayos is to promote the learning of Shas Mishnayos. With over 10,000 avreichim currently learning Shas Mishnayos in over 125 countries worldwide - Daf Yomi Mishnayos is one of the largest groups learning Mishnayos daily across the Jewish World.

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