BY URGENT REQUEST OF THE RABBANIM: 1,400 Avreichim Are Learning 1,400 Mishnayos L’Ilui Nishmas Those Lost. Donate Here To Join The Cause!

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Right now, the Jewish Heart is bleeding.

Those who were lost in the Simchas Torah massacre were all our family. The babies ho were killed, were our babies. The men, women and children, or brothers and sisters.

1,400 avreichim are taking upon themselves to learn the entirety of Shas Mishnayos between now and next Rosh Hashana, l’ilui nishmas those who were killed in the massacres. Every day, as the soldiers go out in their uniforms to fight terrorists, these soldiers will go to the beis midrash, and they will learn with all of their concentration and pray for the safety of the Jewish People. For this war, we need both kinds of soldiers.

To sponsor an avreich to learn the entire Shas Mishnayos: $180
To donate 10 sets of shas Mishnayos, printed and distributed: $260

The neshamos of those who have been lost in the war need our tefilos, and our teshuva, so that they can have an aliyah. Donate to show them, and their families, that you are part of their family too. And it should be a zechus for the soldiers on the ground, the soldiers in yeshivas, and all of the babies and children we hold so dear.


Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein shlita
Rav Shlomo Amar shlita
Rav Reuven Elbaz shlita
The Seret-Vishnitzer Rebbe shlita

Tzedaka V’Chesed & Daf Yomi Mishnayos

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GOAL: $200,000

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Goal $200,000
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Founded by Rabbi Shmuel Halperin shlita, the goal of Daf Yomi Mishnayos is to promote the learning of Shas Mishnayos. With over 10,000 avreichim currently learning Shas Mishnayos in over 125 countries worldwide - Daf Yomi Mishnayos is one of the largest groups learning Mishnayos daily across the Jewish World.

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