My Mom’s Cancer Took Everything Our Family Had, So I’m Making My Wedding On My Own. Please Help Me Have The Basics A Kallah Needs!

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Hello, my name is Aidel Gottesman.

The past few years have been more difficult for our family than I could have ever imagined: My mother was suffering from metastatic lung cancer.

While she was sick, my grandma and I took care of her mostly. Us kids were on our own. We were sure we were going to lose her. Baruch Hashem she miraculously survived … but our family is seriously struggling..

There is no money left. Everything our family had went toward my mother’s treatments, and just trying to survive that horrible time.

So now that I’m engaged… I’m on my own. My chassan is an orphan and also doesn’t have much.

We’re asking if you can please help us to make a simple wedding. We really have nowhere to start. This is our chance for something happy to happen in our families, if we can only have a chance.

Thank you


GOAL: $30,000

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Goal $30,000
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