Saving Sara’s Life

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I write to you as a heartbroken mother, with no choice but to turn you to for help.

Two months ago, Hashem blessed us with the ultimate miracle: A baby girl. But what should have been a moment of pure happiness was also a moment of shock and fear. The doctors & nurses rushed my new baby away to determine the diagnosis: She has a severe heart defect.

Life since then has been a painful roller coaster of trying to soothe a baby who is in constant pain. She cries inconsolably and isn’t gaining enough weight.

The fear and pain is tearing us apart.

Medical practitioners in Israel, while highly skilled, lack the specialization required for the lifesaving surgery she urgently needs to ensure her body circulates blood effectively. However, there is hope across the Atlantic. In the United States, experts can perform the life-saving surgery Sara needs for a normal childhood.

That is our dream for her: That he can live a life like any other kid, without pain or suffering.

However the surgery is extremely expensive. We could never pay such a fee.

I am counting on YOU, amazing & generous people! Please help us to reach our goal and to GIVE BABY SARA A NORMAL LIFE!

Thank you!!

Chani Ostren

GOAL: $140,000

Raised $10,263
Goal $140,000
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