My Kids Can’t Even Start Shidduchim Because We Are Drowning In Debt After A Medical Crisis. Please Help!

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Hi, my name is Rebbetzin Rabinowitz. My husband is a Rosh Kollel and we have 7 kids k’’h.

Three years ago, our son Shimon Mordechai was in the hospital for a long time due to inexplicable pain. Finally, the doctors said he has an excruciating form of arthritis, and he receives rigorous chemical treatments and is on intense steroids, which are only partially covered by insurance. Recently, things were upended even more when I was in a car accident. After the accident I’ve had to cut down my work hours considerably due to injury.

We are now drowning in debt. We have kids who should be entering the parsha of shidduchim but they can’t because there is no money. And what’s most distressing is the unending debts, and Shimon Mordechai’s treatments. We don’t have money for bread.

If you can help us, to get out of debt, to help us get back on our feet, to give us hope, our kids can start shidduchim, and Shimon Mordechai will be able to live like a human being.

Thank you so so much,

Rebbetzin Rabinowitz

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