We Survived October 7th…But Can We Survive This?

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My name is Miriam Rubin and I’m a school secretary.

The absolute scariest day of my life was October 7th. We live in the South of E’’Y- Rockets were flying over our heads, we heard terrorists shouting in the streets. It was absolutely horrific. With tremendous thanks to Hashem, we were able to flee, me, my husband, and my five kids.

These past few months have been very hard on my kids. My husband, Yishai, is very, very sick r’’l and can’t work- We had very little money before the war started. Now, after months of living away from home, we can’t go back to our home because we owe the landlord too much money. Our kids are traumatized from this whole experience.

I am a mother standing before you, utterly powerless. Powerless to give my children what they need. To give them food, clothing, a roof over their heads. The very things every parent desperately wants to give their children. Please, if this war has moved you at all, if you are looking for a way to help from overseas, please consider donating some maaser money here to help a family who needs a tremendous amount of support to rebuild their lives amidst the aftermath of terror.

Thank you so much. Hashem should protect you and your loved ones from any tzaros,

Miriam Rubin

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