My Husband Is Handicapped And We Are Being Crushed By Crippling Debts…Please Help Our 4 Tiny Kids (HASKAMA FROM R’ GAMLIEL RABINOVITCH OF RECHOVOT)

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My name is Mrs. Stern and I’m the mother of four kids, ages one to nine.

When my husband became severely handicapped in an accident and lost his ability to work as a Yeshiva Menahel, every day became a struggle. We had trouble with our business and sank into crippling debt. Not knowing how I will feed my kids tomorrow or the day after while keeping a roof over their heads is a feeling that I can’t describe in words. We humbly ask for your help. We have haskamas from several major Rabbonim below, including one with a very relevant brocha from Rav Gamliel Rabinovitch of Rechovot:

“In these days that are in a state of war, G-d forbid, Tzedaka tatzil mimaves, and certainly everyone who donates, will receive divine protection from heaven, spiritually and physically. And all the helpers and supporters will merit abundance, blessing, and success and will be blessed with all the best in righteous children, long life, and abundant livelihood.”

We have no words to thank you. Hashem should bless you.

Mrs. Stern

GOAL: $75,000

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Goal $75,000
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