THESE BODIES NEED TO COME HOME! Join UNIT360 heroic work of burying those murdered Al Kidush Hashem.

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“The volunteers of Unit 360 are the light of the people of Israel, you did holy work without any compensation day and night, I bless you that you will have as little work as possible” Former Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yona Metzger, at an appreciation event for the volunteers.

Organizations around Israel have saluted UNIT360, an elite volunteer unit of the military, who have worked 18 hours a day in gruesome scenes in South Israel, collecting body parts, cleaning spilled blood, and ensuring that every Jewish body gets the respectful Kosher burial it needs.

But they can’t move on to the next vital stage, identifying bodies and body parts, because supplies are currently critically low.

These bodies need to come home! The families are desperately waiting for the closure of burying their loved ones, and the bodies themselves need it even more – because until a body is buried, the soul has no peace.

Get the priceless Zechus of burying those murdered Al Kiddush Hashem. Donate $180 now to supply UNIT360 with the supplies they urgently need.

GOAL: $150,000

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Goal $150,000
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Rescue Unit Zaka 360 is a unit of ZAKA, doing the mitzvah of "Kavod HaMeis," collecting and burying Jewish bodies with dignity. They run toward danger in the case of terror attacks, war, and other tragedies. Right now, ZAKA 360's teams are working on special operations together with the military to retrieve body parts from the October 7th massacre.

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