Hamas killed their parents, but you can give them a future! Join ZAKA360’s mission to provide a rehabilitation program for 70 of the October 7 orphans

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Every orphan has a tragic story. October 7 orphans though, face unique challenges.

-Why did this have to happen??
-Multiple family members lost
-The tragic, brutal, and inhumane manner in which their parents were killed

Adults would struggle intently with all this.

How can we expect little children to process their loss and enjoy a healthy future, when they have no life experience and no parents to support them?

ZAKA360 were involved in identifying and burying the October 7 victims, and they also dealt with breaking the news to families. They currently have 70 orphans who desperately need expensive rehabilitation programs, but can’t afford it.

Trauma is no joke; therapy is critical for these children’s health and future. Please, help sponsor therapy for an October 7 orphan, before their scars get too deep to heal.

GOAL: $150,000

Raised $19,186
Goal $150,000
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Rescue Unit Zaka 360 is a unit of ZAKA, doing the mitzvah of "Kavod HaMeis," collecting and burying Jewish bodies with dignity. They run toward danger in the case of terror attacks, war, and other tragedies. Right now, ZAKA 360's teams are working on special operations together with the military to retrieve body parts from the October 7th massacre.

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