URGENT PIDYON SHVUYIM: Innocent Father Suffered A Stroke In Jail, Family Is Falling Apart. Please Help!!! (Message From Rav Zilberman shlit”a)

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Klal yisroel this is a catastrophe!!!! Young Jewish father Mordechai Freuchter has been wrongly accused of a crime, and is in jail waiting for his trial. Every day that passes he gets more ill… Now he has suffered a stroke and is in a wheelchair. The prison won’t allow him out to get an MRI. If we don’t get him home soon and get the legal help we need to save his life, he could R”L DIE IN PRISON. THERE ARE OVER $150,000 IN DEBTS. PLEASE, FOR HIS CHILDRENS SAKES, HELP SAVE THIS FATHER’S LIFE!!!


Questions about the campaign can be addressed to Rabbi Yaakov Zilberman at ryzilberman@gmail.com

GOAL: $150,000

Raised $44,874
Goal $150,000
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