How Much Longer Can We Go On Like This?? Please Help Us As Our 5-Year-Old Chani Battles Valiantly For Her Life!

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Dear readers,

Our precious little girl is fighting leukemia for the second time in her short 5 years. Her tiny body is weary from fighting, but she is incredibly strong in spirit and determined to stay alive.

Our lives are split between Tel Hashomer Hospital’s walls where Chani endures grueling treatments, and our home, where our six other kids miss us terribly and and are without money for groceries and clothing. Our livelihoods have been put on hold. This has pushed us past our limits.

We are turning to the public with the backing of the Vaad HaRabbanim behind us, to please help us, to save Chana and to give the rest of our children the most basic things they need. Hashem should bless you with health, with parnassah and for all of your tefilos to be answered!

Please daven for Chana Bas Nechama Devorah

GOAL: $60,000

Raised $21,870
Goal $60,000
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Founded in 1992 under the leadership of Harav Hagaon Shlomo Zalmen Auerbach zt”l and Harav Hagaon Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zt”l, Vaad Harabanim L'Inyanei Tzedaka B'Eretz Hakodesh based on the following principles: Firstly, Klal Yisrael needs a reliable address for sending their tzedakah money. They should know that all their donations, down to the last cent, are managed faithfully and strictly according to Halachah. No less important is the second principle, that the needy must have somewhere to turn when a crisis strikes. Over three decades later, Vaad Harabanim continues to function with the guidance of the Gedolei Hador and in accordance with its founding principles.

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