My Son Is Sick With Serious Heart Problems And We’ve Been Living With Our Kids In Abject Poverty. Our Youngest Is Only 3– Please Help Us Survive

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My name is Shoshi Yankelowitz and I live with my husband and children in Eretz Yisroel. A few years ago, my worst nightmare came true when my 5 year old son Moishe was diagnosed with serious heart problems.

It’s terrifying for me, watching my little boy fighting for his life every day. And it’s even harder watching our kids suffer– I had to quit my job to be there for Moishe and as a Rebbi my husband can barely support the family on his own. I start every month with fear, terrified how we will take care of our kids this month. How we will feed them. What we will do if the credit card is declined again. It’s a feeling that I wish upon noone..

It’s hard to describe what they are going through. Seeing my kids suffer like this just breaks my heart. If I had any possible way to stop their suffering, I would in a heartbeat- But I simply have tried everything and have given up. I turn to you and beg. Please, help us, for their sake. I have tried everything at this point and we are truly, truly stuck. They are so little, and already suffered so much in life. Please, help them have food, a warm bed to sleep in at night, and a functional childhood and home.

I can never thank you enough. Thank you so much,

Shoshi Yankelowitz

A note from fundraisers: We ask that donors please give generously in the form of $250 or more as the family’s situation is extremely difficult for the young children.
Translation of Haskama From R’ Efraim Weiser Of Volozhin Kollel: (Original Below)

“Tishrei 57823

I have come to recommend and to request on behalf of Rav Shlomo Yankelowitz shlita who is the father of a family and lives in poverty.

An additional hardship was added to their lives with the birth of their special son Moshe ben Shoshanah l’refuah shleimah who has problems with his heart. His parents spend much of their time with their son, which impacts their ability to properly support the entire family. They have no family or other sources of support and they are not able to shoulder the burden alone. Their difficult situation cries out to the heavens.

Therefore, I beseech our brethren, Am Yisrael – be merciful and generous and come to the aid of this family with whatever amount you are able to give. Please help them in their time of need and take part in this mitzvah.

You should be blessed from the Source of all blessing with everything good.

Efraim Weiser

Kollel Volozhin – Yerushalayim”

GOAL: $40,000

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Goal $40,000
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