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We are the Yakobi family from Neve Yaakov and we are begging for help.

Just six months ago, we had the joyous nachas of celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of our 4th child, our wonderful Eliyahu. At the Bar Mitzvah, when he was giving his speech, Eliyahu collapsed. All these months later, we finally know why:

Eliyahu has the machala.

Everything is falling apart. The doctors say there is still hope for Eliyahu, a good chance of recovery, but only if continue these treatments which we just can’t afford.

I sit here in the hospital room, writing this letter, with my heart pounding, and I am crying to Hashem that someone out there will read this letter and help us raise the money we urgently need to give Eliyahu the chance to live. I ask you, dear Klal Yisroel, please storm the gates of heaven for Eliyahu ben Chana Leah, and help us provide him with the life-saving treatment before it’s too late chas v’shalom!

On behalf of this tremendous chesed, Hashem should bless you with parnossah and brachos and nachas from your children and grandchildren for many generations and you should live to see Moshiach bimheira biyamneinu amen!

Thank you for saving our son’s life,

Chana Leah and Chaim Yakobi

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BONUS GOAL: $50,000

Raised $28,669
Goal $50,000

GOAL: $50,000

Raised $28,669
Goal $50,000
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