Young father of 11 killed in a car accident. But the struggle is not over.
June 28, 2023

Chaim Herman was instantly killed 7 months ago. Now, his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice.
But it just did.

7 months ago, a terrible car accident occured in Modiin Illat.
Chaim Herman a”h, a young father of 11 children instantly passed away. At the age of 44, his life was taken.
The family was shocked and traumatized at the sudden loss. Chaim Herman a”h left behind a 43 year old widow to care for her 11 children.

Mrs. Chana Herman and her 11 children ranging from 17 to 1 years old sat shivah in their home. Family and friends came to comfort them, but they were inconsolable. They had lost their loving father, and they never said goodbye.

They thought it couldn’t get worse.
But then, it did.

The fresh widow, Mrs. Chana Herman, was just diagnosed with cancer. The family’s pain is indescribable. Her home is once again turned over. She needs treatment around the clock, and her children are suffering.

In Mrs. Herman’s words
“I just came home from the surgery extremely weak. I can barely lift a cup of water to my lips. Yet, I cannot bear to see my family suffering like this. My home is a mess, and nobody is taking care of my children. My little ones go to sleep hungry, but the cupboards are bare. Their homework doesn’t get done, and their clothes are dirty.
We lost our breadwinner, my dear husband a”h 7 months ago, and now, I cannot work either. I don’t have the funds to get my family through this crisis.”

Out of desperation, the family set up a campaign on Chesedtoday.com, and are turning to you, readers, to get them out of the crisis they are in.

Help the Herman family survive this!

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